Data Entry Jobs- Earn $250-$950 Per Week

Do you have a keyboard? And do you have headphones? Well, I’m going to show you how you can start generating a weekly income from Data Entry Jobs, a daily income from Data Entry Jobs, a monthly income from Data Entry Jobs. You’re going to do it right from your home. You’re going to be able to, maybe if you have your laptop. You’ll be able to travel, and you’ll be able to start some income for yourself from Data Entry Jobs.

Data Entry Jobs


I’m going to discuss how to work Data Entry Jobs on your computer. And I’m going to show you eight different companies right now that will start paying you a weekly monthly income. And all you need is your keyboard and your headphone. So what is that? My name is Tyler. I like to help entrepreneurs, just like you, go out and help and succeed with all kinds of great stuff online. Remember, if this article doesn’t work for you, got to head over to my channel, you got to go into my article, and you got to see all the articles in there.

Because there are many articles about Data Entry Jobs in there that have about 800 articles, that will help you get up and get running online. So we’re going to go to my computer. But before we do that quickly, though, there will be a link in the description. Hit that real quick. I’ll send you my number one recommended opportunity right here online. It’s going to help you make more passive income. Also, there is going to be a subscribe button and a bell if you hit both of those, then what I’ll do is I’ll notify you of any articles that I come out with, and you won’t miss any of them. Alright, so let’s jump right into this.

Website List

So let’s go right, so the first website here for Data Entry Jobs, as I said, there’s going to be about eight of these. They might all work for you. They may not work for you. You just got to pick one, maybe pick all of them and go for it. The first one will be daily transcriptions, okay, so go to daily And what you’ll do is you’ll come in here to careers, and add careers, you could just kind of come down here, and I’m going to talk about the benefits of this.

Okay, so right here, they’re going to make anywhere from 250 to $950 per week. I’m showing you one that’s going to be paying out around three grand a month. So stick around for that one. But what you’re going to be doing here is you’re just going to be listening to audio files, you’re going to be listening to maybe some articles of Data Entry Jobs, some mp3 players some music, with, you know, audio coming out of it, and you’re going to be able to transcribe that audio into text.

You’re just going to have to type. You can use some other programs out there to get the audio into text, you know, using like, Google drives has a voice-to-text program. I know what’s the dictation one, the dictation one’s been around anywhere, but there’s software out there that will take voice, and they’ll put it right into the text, okay, so you don’t have to type in a lot of that stuff, you just got to go out there and find that.

How to transcribe voice to text

Data Entry Jobs And then you just, you’re going to be able to put that into text format, you’re going to have to proofread it, you’re going to go through, and you’re going to have to find the periods and the paragraphs and the question marks and all that good stuff that comes along with the actual format, you don’t have to have any experience, you don’t have to have any background or degrees or anything like that all you have to be able to get the audio, put it into text, and then take that text and put it into what they’re asking for.

So just got to go daily transcription, go to careers, and you’ll see that you can join their team right there, you can get up and get running with them. And you get started. It’s going to talk about all the stuff that you’re going to need to get started. But like I said, all of these are going to be just having your keyboard, okay, you can’t do this from a mobile phone. If Android or iOS is all you have, go pick up a cheap laptop or go pick up a cheap computer with a keyboard. That way, you can go ahead and, you know, get these Data Entry Jobs going for you.

How to Casting Word

Alright, so the next one is going to be casting So go to casting words, get, you can go there, and you can reach out to them. And you can let them know that you’re a new transcriptionist and you’re looking to get on their team, you want to start transcribing their audio into text, and that you’re really good and that you are ready to go and you’re ready to get started with them. And all you make sure you have the keyboard and your headphone, and you’ll be able to get started with them. So just got to reach out to casting words for Data Entry Jobs.

Where to find your Data Entry Jobs

Now with all of these, I’m going to show you as I said, I’m going to show you eight of these. You just got to pick one, whatever is going to work for you. And then you just got to jump on them. Now here’s another one, GMR Transcription. You go to GMR Transcription, you go over to careers, and then you can see that they’re going to pay anywhere from 1000 to 3000 per month for this. What’s cool is you can sign up with one website. You can come up here and sign up for another website. And you can double up, and you can, you know, increase your income by joining a lot of these different websites right here for Data Entry Jobs.

What Colors Make Brown in Website

So right here, it says general transcription or Spanish transcription translators. You got certified translators here. Alright, so another great website that’s going to, you can get started with them. And you know, this is a lot of flexibility, it’s very flexible. So you can work on your schedule. You can set up your hours. You can work whenever you want to do it. If you have your laptop, you’ll be able to travel long as you have your headphones, and obviously, you’re going to have your keyboard with your laptop to get started with that. Alright, so the next one’s going to be Tara’s subscription. So tr e scription, calm, and he’s got to go over here to transcribers.

And this is interesting in or interested in transcribing. You just got to go through the information here, and then you got to reach out to them and then.

How to Create Good Quality Text

Let them know that you’re ready to get started Data Entry Jobs. Now, one thing to understand is that.

They’re looking for good quality text right here for Data Entry Jobs. They need to have punctuation. They need to have good periods need to have a good sentence structure, okay, so if you’re sending them just a big blob of text, saying, here it is, they’re probably going to dump you in probably not going to work with you in the future. But you have to let them know that, hey, I’m just learning, or I’m just getting started. So you’d like with this block of text right here, this is good. I think it’s still blocky, but there are paragraph break breaks right here. There’s a lot of, you know, periods are set. So you can see that this would be a good block text that you would send to them.

So you listen, put it into text format. Send it off to them, and then you’ll be able to get paid for that, okay. But understand that if you’re sending them a bunch of junk. You’re just sending a bunch of garbage, they’re probably not going to continue with you. In the beginning, a lot of these websites, they’re just going to send you one or two. And when they see that you have good quality work. They know that you’re going to send great, you know, text to them. Then what they’re going to do is going to ramp it up and give you a lot more and that way. Then you’re going to start earning even more income from Data Entry Jobs.

Babel Type

Okay, so the next one’s going to be Babel type right here for Data Entry Jobs. So you want to go to contact, click on apply for work. And then when you come over here. Because it’s going to talk about joining their team. They’re going to talk about the skills that you may need for them. Again, a lot of these aren’t going to require a lot of skills. You’re just going to have a little experience. If you don’t have that. You go out there and find the websites that you can get experience from. And then start working for the ones looking for skilled for Data Entry Jobs.

Okay, so you got to come in or apply for translation here. A lot of these are going to if you have a couple of different languages are looking for translation from English to Spanish to French, all the other languages, a lot of the audio they’re looking to take from maybe Spanish into English. So if you know a couple of different languages, you’re going to be ahead up. I know here in America, we don’t know like one language, and we took Spanish maybe we were in high school, and that’s about it.

Here’s another one, okay, ubiquitous, okay, so ubiquitous COMM, And you got to go over here to contact us go to employment. And you’ll see right here a transcriptionist you get transcription proofreaders, semi writers, all of this you have full time you got part-time, freelancers will be totally from your home, when you travel. Full-Time opportunities might be in their local area. You just got to click on those and look at what they’re looking for. Alright, so for Data Entry Jobs.


And the next one’s going to be three Play Media. Three Play Media is just going to you got to come over here to the company got to go to meet our transcription editors. And you come in here for Data Entry Jobs, and you’ll see that these are all the editors that work for three Play Media. And these are the ones they’re going to listen to the audio, and they’re going to put it into text format, and you can see this. Let’s go to check our current openings right here. You got English, you got Spanish right here, English transcription editor, Spanish transcription editor.

Again, if you know, a couple of different languages is going to help you out. If English is your first language, pay that it will work for you if you’re working on English for Data Entry Jobs. Then make sure you give them good quality proof-rated proofread. Can’t even say it right proof. Read the text so you can start earning income. All right. Hey, if you want to get more information, make sure you hit that link in the description. Also, comment below. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. This is Tyler Pratt. I do hope you enjoy that and we’ll see you at the next Data Entry Jobs.

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