Expert Option Review, Safe or Scam Online Trade

Are you considering the Expert Option, you might want to read this article before you start trading there. Hi, this is a guy from coin guru. And in the next five minutes, I’m going to give you everything that you need to know about this broker. I’ll also give you some top tips that you won’t want to miss. So, let’s go.

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Expert Option Review

Expert Option is a broker that was founded in 2014 and is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. They take clients from a number of countries around the world, and they’ve translated their website into over 12 different languages. Having said that, there are some regions that they do not take traders from including guess where the United States they’re a digital options broker, which means that traders are making fixed state trades on whether an asset will either go up or down in price. These are actually pretty similar to the one’s particular binary options instruments that were offered by brokers in the past.

However, these have racked up a bad reputation over the past few years. Now, first and foremost, our expert options safe. Well, they do have regulation from the Vanuatu financial service commission. This is a relatively new regulator, this is being used by online brokers. This is not really the most reputable of regulators in the world. So you’ll have to decide whether they’re sufficient for your trading needs. Let’s jump into that asset coverage, shall we? This was actually quite an impressive list. You can trade forex, commodities, equity indices, stocks, and of course, cryptocurrencies. In terms of the trading parameters, these are digital options, which means you have a fixed expiry time.

$10,000 Free demo funds

ExpertOption Demo Trade
ExpertOption Demo Trade

Now, I would have liked to have seen longer expiry times, and I find really short times to be quite gimmicky and gaming.
Either way, you can first test out the platform on a free demo account to see how it works for you. They’ll give you $10,000 demo funds for you to give your trading skills ago. If you do want to progress onto a Live account, then there are at least five different account levels. These will differ according to the minimum funding amount, deal sizes, withdrawal times, and other goodies. See our full review in the link below in order to get all this information. If you do decide that you want to fund the Live account, then there are a number of options that the expert option has for you.

These include credit cards, skrill, Nutella, and a whole host of other web wallets. The minimum deposit size is $50, whereas the maximum is $3,000. Now before you can withdraw funds, you’ll need to complete their KYC and identify yourself. Once this has been done, withdrawals are processed in a few hours and the minimum withdrawal amount is $10. Now, customer support is something that can make or break my trading experience. The expert option has a number of contact options available. These include telephone numbers, email addresses, and live chat. They’ve also placed multilingual support staff on this and you can speak to them in English, Hindi, and Thai.
When I reached out to them, I was helped within a few minutes and they were generally pretty clued up. So I was pleasantly surprised.

Why I trade on Expert Option

Let’s jump into the belly of the beast than the trading platform. The expert option has a pretty nifty web-based platform that’s easy to navigate and is ideally suited for beginner traders. There are also a host of neat features such as technical analysis tools, charting functionality, and sentiment analysis.

Something else that I found quite a nice touch on the platform was their social trading and analytics section. Now social trading lets you follow some of the most profitable traders on the platform. Whereas analytics gives you some top tips in order to improve your trading performance.
the expert option has also developed its platform for use on your home PC or Mac. This could reduce the latency time and improve your trading experience.

And for those of you on the go, there is the expert option mobile app that is packed with features and all very impressive. So what do I really think of expert options? Well, I’m not a fan of their Vanuatu regulatory status. I also don’t like the fact that they only offer these digital option instruments with arbitrarily short expiry times. However, their trading platform is pretty advanced and their customer support is helpful.

Moreover, with a free demo and low minimum funding requirements, it was worth a try in my book. Now, I encourage you to do your own research then you’ll have to weigh up the pros of the slick and efficient trading platform over the cons of their regulation. And what do you think of the expert option? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found my article helpful, you know what to do smash-up that like button.

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Expert Option Best Trading Strategy 2021!

Hi, guys, welcome to sit on my bass and a quick little article on the export option. Now I regularly get people to email me about the export option IQ option if I’m still using them. Yes, I am, I’ve been using the export option for years, I’ve never had any problems with it. So withdrawals go through fine, I’ve made a lot of money from it. I’ve never had any problems at all. But I get a lot of people asking about strategies and things like that. Now I’m just looking here at the Euro against the US dollar. You can see the overall direction from this, what I always do is, is look at the overall direction on where it’s going.

ExpoertOption Strategy

So you can see here the overall direction that’s going down even though it’s hit. Some high points, the overall direction is going down. So I’m gonna play some trades here. Once I hit that high point of $1,000 trades I’m expecting a $500. Never mind, I’m confident that they’ll come in one more. No, no, it looks a bit lousy. Placing trades like that big $500 $1,000 trades, but I’ve made so much money with Xbox. I can afford to be a little bit ballsy, I wouldn’t recommend that. If you’re a new start of the flow, start off with maybe $25 trades, build your way up as I’ve done. But basically, the overall direction that you can see is going down. If you put a ruler from here to there, overall directions going down.

How to Research on Expert Option

Let’s just zoom in and have a look at the crucial point it’s a little bit closer than comfort. Hopefully, they should come down unless I’m very unlucky. And it hits highly spikes. But just looking at that overall direction. As you can see, it’s on its way down. If I was to put a ruler from there to there, it’s on its way down.

 Expert Option Candle Graph
Expert Option Candle Graph

So it’s basically what I look for. Look for either a pattern, a reoccurring pattern, as you can sort of seeing what’s going to do next. Or look for an overall direction like that. Lovely jubbly they’ve all come in last bit of profit. Lovely. Yeah, and overall direction. And you can see what way it’s going. Now. I’m confident they still coming down. I’m lucky here. Whites on these rises should come down. So yeah, basically what I’ve done is looked at the overall direction.

Now what I’ll do is I’ll look at the assets and look for one that’s got a pattern like that, where you can see it’s on its way down. Have I caught a cold have I caught a cold? So if there’s one where it’s just up, down, up, down, up, down, I’ll probably leave it and I’ll wait till upon a direction like that. Yeah, very nice. Very nice indeed. So basically, that’s what I did. I’m gonna do a short article because it’s Friday, and I bought things though. But yes, I’m still using it, but the option performs very well.

How I trade using expert option

And the way I do it, is I say look for an overall direction. You can see from that it’s going down if you were to get a ruler and put a ruler against
ruler put the ruler against that you can see that it’s on its way down. And then you know it’s going down.

All right, you can be very unlucky, you can catch it just where it takes these little spikes. But overall, that’s what I’ve done. So that’s why I’ve said I’ve made enough money to get to do big, big profits like that.

But basically, that’s what I don’t even look for a reoccurring pattern as I say, you see it hits one point it goes down goes up, goes back down goes up and each time you can see it’s getting a little bit low and you can see where it’s going to go and what it’s going to do. Or like I say read for an overall pattern. Now you do have to be careful like you see there now it’s changed direction. But you know I would guess that that’s going down. But I said I’ve got things to do I’ve got to go out.

So just a quick little article on my strategy for how I trade using the expert option. And I had no problems with it or withdrawals and I go through fine there’s a demo account as well you can get comfortable with getting learn how to how to use it before you put your own money into it. But yeah, I’ve got no faults with it at all. Anyway, I’ve got to go out. I’ll leave it with that if you want to check out the expert option for yourself.


There’s a link below this article. And don’t forget, give me a thumbs up if you liked the articles. Don’t forget to subscribe, as well if you’re not subscribed for the latest on trading strategies, crypto, and yells. Let me stress this easy investment advice. It’s just how I do it. It works for me. It has worked for me for however long might not work for everyone.

So don’t think that this is the way to trade. It’s just how I do it. I just look for direction. As I say you might have to go through a couple of assets before you can see one has got that direction, whether it be up, whether it be down, wait for it to go in the opposite direction, and place a trade against it. And I say works for me might not work for everyone. Anyway, have a good weekend and I’ll be back with you next week with more articles. Thank you

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