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Facebook Buy and Sell
Facebook Buy and Sell

Listen, Facebook Buy and Sell is helping people get some crazy results. And we’re helping our clients leverage Facebook Buy and Sell marketing in 2021, to do the exact same thing. I mean, just take a look at some of these client returns. We helped our clients reach millions of people we’ve helped our clients generate millions of website clicks. And we’ve even helped our clients produce millions of sales all while strictly using Facebook Buy and Sell marketing.

So maybe you’re at the point where you’re trying to grow your Facebook Buy and Sell presence. Or maybe you’re trying to decide whether or not you should do Facebook Buy and Sell marketing. And some have actually tried Facebook marketing, and simply gave up because they don’t think Facebook Buy and Sell works. Well, the truth is, there’s a lot that can go right and wrong when you’re doing any kind of marketing. Especially Facebook Buy and Sell. And so today, I’m going to go over everything you. Need to know about how to generate real results using Facebook Stay tuned.

Facebook Marketing Friendlier

Hey, I’m Saddam with Facebook Buy and Sell, a digital marketing agency that saves businesses from bad marketing and no results. So today, we’re gonna do a deep dive into Facebook Buy and Sell. Now, obviously, there’s a lot of marketing channels to choose from. You have traditional marketing plays like magazines, billboards, and cold calling. And then you have digital marketing plays, like blogging, Google, and social media. So why Facebook Buy and Sell? I mean, on the surface, Facebook Buy and Sell just looks like a place where people go to connect with their friends, right? So does it offer any real business value?

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So if you’ve been reading our articles, then you probably already know that Facebook has two very, very important elements. And allows them to stand out from every other marketing channel in the world. And the first one is that they have a user base of over 1 billion users, which you have the ability to reach. Almost anyone who’s in your target market on Facebook Buy and Sell. And the second one is their ability to hold attention. The average adult spends 38 minutes per day consuming Facebook Buy and Sell content. And for context, users spend an average of five seconds looking at a website. Written content and that 30 minutes were just on Facebook Buy and Sell. That doesn’t even account for all their other digital platforms like Instagram.

A complete guide to Facebook marketing for 2021

Facebook marketing for 2021
Facebook Buy and Sell marketing for 2021

So right now I want to give you guys a complete guide to Facebook marketing for 2021. And what 2021 may have in store for Facebook Buy and Sell as well. I’m going to break this article down into three parts. In part one, we’re going to look at Facebook from the organic side. Which basically is all the free features available to businesses like you and part two. We’re going to look at Facebook Buy and Sell from the pace I was basically looked at other paid ad features. And in part three, we’re gonna look at combinations and predictions for Facebook Buy and Sell going into 2021. But before I dive in, if you’re in business, or you just love marketing.

He loved growth, please hit that like button below and subscribe to our channel. And thank you to everyone who’s been subscribing so far. We’re over 1000 subscribers now, which gives us the momentum to keep producing great articles. Okay, so let’s go ahead and dive into part one of this article, Facebook organic marketing. The first thing you need to know is that there is a personal side of Facebook. And there’s a business side of Facebook Buy and Sell, the majority of his users only use the personal side. So that’s the common stuff like creating posts, sharing content, and talking with friends. But there’s an entirely different side of Facebook Buy and Sell, which is the business side.

How to Start Facebook Business

So if you’re a business or working for a business and you’re ready to get started. And the first thing you need to do is set up a business manager by going to business.facebook.com and create an account. From here you can start creating your Facebook Buy and Sell business assets, like your Facebook page, your ad account, your catalog, pixels. And the more main thing that you need to know for organic Facebook marketing is your Facebook page.

In fact, nearly everything you do on Facebook Buy and Sell business-wise will relate back to your page. Because your Facebook page is like your hub is kind of like your personal website. But on Facebook’s platform, so Facebook Buy and Sell were really important that you set your page up for success. You know all the features available to you. So let’s take a few minutes to look at your Facebook page. But if you’re already familiar with Facebook pages, including the new shopping feature, you can skip ahead to organic tips in this article.

Facebook Buy and Sell
Facebook Buy and Sell
Facebook page to avoid sharing any client information

Alright, I’m on my computer now and we’re going to look at life marketings. Facebook page to avoid sharing any client information. Alright, so I just want to walk you guys through all the powerful features available to you with Facebook marketing inside of pages. Alright, so at the top, we have our navigation menu for your Facebook Buy and Sell page. And as you can see, I’m on the page area. Which basically gives you a high-level overview of everything you need to know about your page. Next to that, you have your ad center, your ad center basically is where you’re going to run a lot of ads. I have a really important section that you need to pay attention to later in this article.

As Facebook Buy and Sell relate to ads in the inbox, you’re going to be able to see all the incoming messages that you have coming in through your content. So you’re going to be able to see the comments on posts, you’re going to be able to see messages that people are sending you directly within the inbox. Here you have your manage job. So you may have not known but you can post jobs from within Facebook pages, so you can recruit really good talent. Next, today, you have notifications. So just giving you some updates in terms of what’s happening, who’s a fan who’s liking your content, who’s sharing your content, etc. Next to that, you have your insights. So insights is going to give you some analytics about how your page is performing.

How Your strategy is working
strategy is working
Strategy is Working

Okay, you’re going to be able to see impressions, your reach your fan growth, and a lot more. So insights helps you determine how your strategy is working. And then you have some publishing tools as well as page quality. All right. Underneath that you have the biggest section, which is your ability to write posts on Facebook. All right, so you can write a post, you can add a photo or article, which again, is something we highly. Highly recommend, you can add a motion to your post. And you can do a lot of other things such as create a poll, create a watch party support or nonprofit, check in somewhere, and even advertise some of your posts. Which we’re going to get into as well.

Facebook Features

All right, so another cool feature on Facebook. Let’s call this a nother cool feature, and Facebook pages is that you can schedule a post right here on the newsfeed instead of sharing this now, I can schedule this to go out into the future, maybe I want to go out tomorrow, next week, or maybe at the end of the month, we had an ability to schedule posts right here inside of Facebook Buy and Sell, which is really cool and convenient.

Facebook Marketplace New update| How to Sell On 2021

We want to save some time with producing content. All right. So those are some really cool posting features. In addition to that, you have the ability to go live and just talk to your audience live one to one or one to many in a live setting, you can also create an event, right, you can promote a specific offer, then it’s coming up here, we’re just taking Facebook Buy and Sell out, you can also create a specific offer. And again, you can create a job a job. Alright, in addition to this, one of the most powerful features that Facebook just launched is the Facebook shop.

Facebook shops
Facebook Buy and Sell
Facebook Buy and Sell

So Facebook shops are basically the e commerce of Facebook. Okay, so Facebook wants to keep as many people on their platform as possible. And so they’re introducing shops so that people and their users can just buy things that they want right there inside of Facebook, which is going to be a huge thing for the future. So within shops, you have the ability to just create a page, we’ll take a look at this article here.

So this is sort of what’s gonna look like on mobile, and it looks like this is for Instagram. As you can see, they have a collection here, they’re customizing their collection, adding products, I’m sure they’re gonna add some pricing in here as well. Definitely, definitely recommend checking Facebook Buy and Sell out. And this is what it’s gonna look like, you’re gonna see a nice image at the top and then be able to categorize your products after that.

Shop looks like on Instagram

So I’m going to shop looks like on Instagram. And then very similar, this is what the shot will look like on Facebook. So definitely a huge feature that’s going to save a lot of users time as well as businesses time who are looking to just to sell products online. Definitely, definitely believe that you should use Facebook shops, connect that with your Facebook page, as well as your Facebook Ads Manager. Alright, so as you guys can see, Facebook Buy and Sell has a lot of cool features. Let me hop back off and get back in front of the camera. Okay, so now that you’re familiar with Facebook page features, let’s talk strategy. Let’s go ahead and get this out the way organic marketing is basically free marketing. And who doesn’t love free? Hey, Shawn, there’s some free pizza in the lobby.

How to create Content

But usually, that means that Facebook Buy and Sell takes more time. For example, our YouTube channel is a part of our organic strategy. And we’ve gone into this year with the expectation that it’s going to take a while before it takes off. This means in the beginning, you will likely see a slow rise in traffic fans or sales. So taking the organic route means you’re willing to put in the effort and the time Alright, so if you’re still in let’s go ahead and take a look at four organic tips. Starting with tip number one, create valuable content and we created an entire article about content marketing, which I will link up above but the key takeaway is to give value to your audience.

To try to avoid selling Listen, Facebook Buy and Sell doesn’t matter how great your page looks, or how many features your page uses. If the content is bad, remember Facebook is a place where people generally go to connect with other people. So if you’re interrupting that, you better be bringing in some massive value, like giving away some really awesome tips. Let’s move on to tip number two, create valuable native content. Native content is simply content that purely lives on the platform. And that is important because Facebook has a complex algorithm that helps determine what content they should show.

Facebook Buy and Sell posts with links to other places

Facebook Buy and Sell users. And we’ve found that Facebook posts with links to other places like blogs will get far less reach. Why? Why would Facebook do this to me, I’m trying to get more traffic to my website. Now listen, there’s definitely a time and a place to promote your site. In fact, I would expect you to but remember, Facebook’s goal is to keep their user’s attention, but they don’t want you and millions of other companies spamming their users with links, because if so, then people will stop using Facebook Buy and Sell. And that’s not what you want.

And neither does Facebook, which is why you want to create valuable content that makes people want to consume, share, and discuss which speaking of discussions, if you’re able to spark a positive debate, then that can be a quick hack to get more engagement and more reach. However, I would recommend staying away from political or social issues, because that can put you in a compromising position to take aside. Alright, now let’s move on to tip number three, use article content. Okay, I know this is my third time mentioning content.

But this is wine that can help you grow even faster. Again, Facebook goal is to increase their users attention their time on the platform. So they’ve already nailed down native content. And now they’re focusing more on article engagement. So if you’re creating article content, right now, you’re going to get a big boost in the algorithm. That means more people will share your content. And remember, the article needs to be all about your audience and bringing them value. Now hopefully this can help you create a winning content plan.

Facebook Settings Privacy Policy

So let’s move on to the next tip where we talk about how we can get people to consume your content, which is step number four, community development. Now, obviously, if you already have traffic and a lot of fans, and you simply need to promote your Facebook page to them. But if you’re starting from scratch, then my biggest recommendation would be to start or join Facebook groups. Because Facebook algorithm is significantly diminished in a Facebook group setting so you have the ability to reach a lot of people. And when you join a Facebook group, there are usually some moderation rules, which in general, most group owners don’t want you to spam their members with your sales or links.

So can you guess the most effective way to leverage a group? If you say I provide valuable content, then you guess, right. You give good advice, feedback or content in a group setting, then people naturally want to learn more about you. And you can position your Facebook group or your Facebook page in a way where people can find those assets and become fans. So that takes care of part one of this article, which is organic marketing. Almost there. Now let’s look at part two of this article, which is the pace of Facebook Buy and Sell. And a pay side is often referred to as Facebook advertising products, which allows you to grow your content and your audience much faster. The first thing you need to know about Facebook advertising is that you need a Facebook ad account.

Facebook Ad Account

You can set up a Facebook Buy and Sell ad account by logging into your business manager and simply creating an ad account. And again, you can go to business.facebook.com. To get started, let’s take a little bit of time looking at Facebook Ads Manager and some of the things that you can do with it. But again, if you’re familiar with Facebook Ads Manager already, you can skip ahead to get to the Facebook advertising tips. All right, I’m on my computer now. And we’re gonna do a walkthrough of the Facebook ads manager. So you can see firsthand how powerful Facebook Buy and Sell is and everything that you can do with it. Now for the sake of this example.


I’m not going to go through a specific campaign or any results. But I just want to show you guys exactly all the capabilities that you have with Facebook Ads Manager for Facebook Buy and Sell, so we’re gonna walk through creating a campaign. Alright, so we get ready to create a campaign. The first thing you need to do is to select an objective and you have about three phases to choose from. Alright, the first phase is the awareness phase. So you can decide between Do you want more brand awareness Or more impressions? Or do you want to reach more people? All right, this is great for people who do not have an audience yet.

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