Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects… How to Prevent Treatment For Covid-19

Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects

ICMR has a short that there is no Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects major side effect of the eight CQ drugs. Now confusion regarding the effectiveness of the drug cropped up after the World Health Organization(WHO) paused the trial stating safety concerns.

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The Indian Council of medical research(ICMR) has confirmed that hydroxychloroquine drug has no major side effects. And it to continue as a preventive treatment for COVID-19. The statement from ICMR came after the World Health Organization suspended testing of the drug due to safety concerns. ICMR Director-General Baran Bhargava said that studies found. That there were no major side effects except for nausea, vomiting, palpitation occasionally. Hence, in its advisory ICMR has recommended. So that it should be continued for prophylaxis, as there is no harm.

Common Side Effect

Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects vomiting
Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects vomiting

So we also found that there were no major side effects for prophylaxis it continues. Because there is no harm benefit may be there. One point the second point that was important was that we found that the side effects. And we clearly advise that it should be taken with food. So nausea, vomiting, Jehovah Collie paid cathodic Kathy. So it should be taken with food. That is one very important thing. The third point which he emphasized in this advisory was very clear. So that we need to do one ECG during the treatment of this prophylaxis. So we expanded the recommendation from healthcare workers to frontline workers who can use this drug.

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Earlier the Director-General Tedros is the norm Gabrielle says. Declared that a temporary pause for implemented on the trial of the drug.

How to Prevent Covid-19

Preventing of COVID-19
Preventing of COVID-19

So the executive group has implemented a temporary pause of the hydroxyl hydroxychloroquine arm within the solidarity trial. While the data safety data is a review by the data safety monitoring board. So the other arms of the trial are containing this concern relates to the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in COVID 19 and last week a study in the medical journal. So the Lancet said that there were no benefits to treating Coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine. And taking it might even increase the number of deaths among those in hospital infected with the disease.

Hydroxychloroquine has been touted by US President Donald Trump. And others as a possible treatment for the disease cause for the novel Coronavirus. An eminent Indian American doctor has also said that hydroxychloroquine is given under medical supervision. And any Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects can address. So Suggesting that perhaps this drug has become a victim of politics in the United States. With the bureau.

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