Metformin Side Effects, & Purpose of Usages, Common Side Effects

Metformin Side Effects-A Brief Information

In this article, we’re going to be going over the medication Metformin, Metformin Side Effects. Keep reading because we’re going to teach you about why you take it. One of the most common Metformin Side Effects will give you some tips on how to avoid the Metformin Side Effects as well as warn you about some of the things that you need to be careful of while taking.

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Metformin Use

In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about One of the most common medications. That we use to treat diabetes called Metformin. This is a medication that’s been available in the United States since 1995. The Family Dr. Richardson Says-

  • Its main use is to help control blood sugars and diabetes.
  • But it’s also using conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • And some use it to help with weight loss.
  • Number four in Billings blindness, a class of medications called biguanides.

It functions differently than other diabetic drugs. It functions differently than other diabetic medications. There are several different effects it has in the body that help control blood sugar. The first is that it reduces the amount of sugar released into the bloodstream from your liver.

How to Work Metformin

Liver Function

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but the liver is one of the body’s largest sugar storage organs. When you need a boost of energy, the liver releases glucose to give you that little extra boost that you need. Normally, this works well. However, if you have diabetes, this may be a dilemma when you don’t want the excess sugar to be released.

Weight Loss Pills Expose

So Metformin helps slow that down. Also, it decreases how much sugar is absorbed in the intestines, and helps to work on improving your body’s sensitivity to insulin. That’s one of the big problems in conditions like diabetes, or pcs.

In these conditions, your body is resistant to the hormone that helps bring the sugar from the blood into the cells in order to be utilized. As a result, Metformin is an excellent alternative for the majority of patients with these disorders. It does a great job and trying to decrease that resistance and counteract the effects that this causes.

So at this point, you may have asked why you should even care that your blood sugars are elevated? Well, this is a great question. And unfortunately, it’s one I have to talk about a lot. Diabetes is exceedingly popular, and it is becoming more so as time passes.

Side Effects of Diabetes
Hear Beats

Untreated diabetes can lead to a variety of serious problems, including a significantly increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. It can affect your eyes, putting you at risk of going blind, it can affect your kidneys, causing them to fail, as well as affect your nerves and circulation of your legs and feet, especially causing damage to those nerves.

This is a big deal because it makes it easier to get injured, and that it doesn’t heal well, putting you at risk for infections, and even leading sometimes to amputations. So diabetes is not a good thing. And it’s clear that not handling it isn’t a smart idea.

So if you’re taking this for diabetes, that’s the reason you’d be motivated to control and treat this is the best you can. Now certainly medication is not the only way you should treat diabetes, diet and lifestyle changes are the absolute most essential thing to be working on to control this and keep it from getting worse. But unfortunately, for many diets, lifestyle changes are not enough. Or we can’t make them fast enough in order to get your sugar’s under control.

Why Your Doctor is Recommending for Metformin

That’s likely why your doctor is recommending that you take Metformin. So what should you expect from this medication? Well, first of all, it comes in a tablet and illiquid form. Tablets come in either an immediate-release or in an extended-release version of 500 850 or 1000 milligrams. And depending on which formulation you have.

You can take it either once or twice a day. An important thing to remember about this medication specifically. And diabetes medications in general is it only work while you’re taking them. I have people come in all the time with their blood sugar’s high after we originally had a control telling me that they stopped medicine because they fixed it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the way it works. Unless she has some underlying lifestyle issues that are causing your blood sugar’s to be high, and you fix those, he needs to stay on these medications. Stopping them can only be done by consulting with the doctor. Well, Metformin is typically the first medication that we start people on when they’re diagnosed with diabetes. Overall, for most people, it’s tolerated quite well. However, there are certain concerns that people might have about taking the drug, which we need to address.

Common Metformin Side Effects
Diabetes Symptom
Diabetes Symptom

The most common Metformin side effects we tend to see with Metformin or some sort of stomach type symptoms. That may be fatigue, bloating, gas, diarrhea, or a combination of these symptoms. This can range in severity from moderate to major. Now there are ways that we try to avoid this though, so don’t despair. If you’re patient did you start this medication, we can usually get you to the appropriate dose without having to live with the metformin side effects.

One of the tricks that we use is starting medication at a low dose and increasing it slowly. For example, we’ll start somebody at 500 milligrams once a day. Then increase her dose every few days to a week until they’re at the gold dose. This usually does a trick. Now taking the higher dose too quickly. People usually begin to experience metformin side effects as a result of this. And we’ve also noticed that taking it with meals or in the evening at first can also make a difference. And finally, I found that a lot of people, putting them on the extended-release version tends to help them avoid the metformin side effects.

How to Minimize Metformin Side Effects

Now, the other thing you can do to minimize the metformin side effects is to Be more careful with your diet. Know that one of the reasons this drug function is by preventing the absorption of sugar from the stomach. Less sugar is consumed, which means that sugar remains in the stomach. And the bacteria in your gut start to digest than sugar, causing it to ferment. Well, that causes gas and all the other unpleasant metformin side effects that come with it. So as a diabetic, you need to be watching your sugar or carbon take anyway.

As a result, this could have a bit more incentive to do so. But unfortunately, some people just aren’t able to tolerate it. And we have to reach for something else to treat. But for the majority, if we just increase it oh slow, watch our diet better, we can usually avoid this mean metformin side effects. Now besides nausea and gas and diarrhea, other Metformin side effects that we can see are some decreased appetite, a feeling of weakness, headaches, sometimes a metallic taste in the mouth, and a rash. these Metformin side effects I don’t see as much. Usually, if somebody doesn’t want to take this medication, it’s because of stomach symptoms.

Metformin Serious Side Effects

Now there are some more serious, albeit rare reactions you should be aware of and watch for the most concerning of which is a condition called lactic acidosis.

This is where the pH or acid level drops in your blood. It can make you very sick or even be fatal. This is very uncommon that can happen when your kidneys are not functioning well. We watch for this in those who have chronic kidney disease as well as those who are really sick and dehydrated. As well as people who are undergoing certain medical procedures where they’re getting some IV contrast, your doctor should be keeping an eye on your kidney function over time. So it’s not something that we see much.

I would also recommend to my patients, though, that if they’re sick, and they’re vomiting, they’re not taking them fluids. They really should avoid taking them at format during these times. It’d be a good conversation to have with your doctor to see if they how they want you to handle it. One other thing you should keep an eye on. More recently, we’ve seen that Metformin, can possibly affect your vitamin B 12 absorption, which if unrecognized, might contribute to certain anemias or something we call neuropathy. This is where nerves are affected, which can result in chronic pain. This can easily check though in your routine bloodwork

. So overall, this is a great medication to treat diabetes. In fact, we consider the foundational medicine, the treatment of the condition, because of how it works, and how it helps everything else you do to treat diabetes work better. It’s a great medicine that works and best of all, it’s cheap, you can get a 30 day supply of a 500-milligram extended-release Metformin for around $4.


Also, if diet and lifestyle changes have not been enough to control your diabetes, or you suffer from conditions such as PCs, and your doctor recommends that you take Metformin as part of your treatment regimen, hopefully, have a little more confidence in using this as a part of your treatment plan. But this certainly isn’t an all-inclusive and in-depth discussion of everything that we told about this medication.

That is not what I am attempting to accomplish here. My goal in providing this information is to provide you with information to consider and review with your own doctor. So please don’t take this as direct medical advice. Take everything you’ve learned today. discuss it with your doctor, and how it applies in your own situation. Well, if you found this information to be helpful, do me a favor, go ahead and hit that like button and share it with your friends and family. And if your health is really important to you, consider subscribing, and hit that notification button so you don’t miss out on any of our future content.

Don’t go anywhere because if you’re looking at ways that you can make that start in your diet and lifestyle changes to treat your diabetes, click here to watch simple steps that you can take to start your diet journey. Go ahead and click here to read one of my other articles that you may like. Well until next time.


Hi, this is Saddam Hossain Founder Of Affiliate Market and Market Trends Researcher. This information is collected from FDA, ICMR, WHO, and Dr. Richardson, who is a Family Physician. If you have any questions or quires you can always feel free to contact us.

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