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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog Hom furniture Jobs, I could wait until my house is clean and I’ll put together to do this article but I just want to do a little update article like it’s not perfect, it’s not all put together we’re still moving from the old house. But I want to explain to you guys some home decor like some affordable home decor pieces that I’ve found so far and then I am loving for the house. Things are going to spread out around here I don’t have everything completely put together space wise but I like seeing the process of it all and I think you guys do too. So that’s what I’m about to show you guys. Let me drink some coffee and we’re gonna just go around.

I have like 10 minutes for my kids to scream so let’s do it fast. Okay, so this is an area that I actually have

pretty much set up I’m just waiting for my mirror to go here I got like a mirror from wayfair like a really big circle mirror that has black edges, which I think is going to be beautiful cuz we have a lot of black accents

in this house like with the doors, the windows. And the first affordable home decor thing that I love

are these baskets. I actually use one for MSU and one for Noah’s shoes, you can use them for whatever you want. But I think that they look so pretty like in an entryway. They’re just gorgeous. Like they actually look like the quality of them looks just really really nice and they were very affordable at Target and I’ve had my eye on them forever.

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And next up are these really gorgeous vases. They might be out of stock but I will check and try to link something similar If so, they were like 14 bucks at World Market.

I have to I want to do like a mirror effect here. And then my flowers are actually a little like fo cherry blossoms that I got on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs.  So I actually have like two packs of three and each vase and they also come in pink but I just love this white It almost has like a little pink accent to it anyways, so funnels on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs Those are such a good find your love nose over on Instagram. I did get some like really pretty decorative books.

I got this Architectural Digest book and then also this live beautiful book which is just beautiful, they’re neutral, they go with everything. They’re just stunning and I got them both on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs. This little picture of Ryan was actually from Amazon Home just like an eight by 10 it was extremely affordable. I see that picture so fun from last Fourth of July. And I got these little candles here I got them both on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs. I just like the black and whites and a lot of my decor is black and white. And then our rug in here.

I’ll show you guys is actually from wayfarer I have the same rug in my dining room which is such a hot mess in there right now. So we won’t even go over there. But it’s actually cricket right now. But it is literally stunning. And I just love it. I really really love this rug is so crooked.Let me fix this.

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This is what I mean. I still have a mess in here. But it’s just beautiful and I just literally love us so much and it was extremely affordable. It’s always on sale. I will link it for you guys Wayfair has just the best deals on rugs and I love this one. So yeah this entire area is pretty much set up like I said besides I have the big mirror coming which is also from wayfarer I can link it for you guys. It comes in a lot of sizes and it’s just stunning so I cannot wait to get that.

Okay so if you walk in my house at any given time you’re gonna see this blanket like on the couch on the floor. Someone’s calling with a just in a pile from last night. It is my absolute favorite Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs throw blanket you guys it is so so soft. I’ve had them for so long. And this is what the Indore looks like. It’s so so comfy. I love the two different sides and we use them all the time and there we get the larger size and the color ivory and my husband’s like six foot two and it’s long enough for him I’ll actually put it on so you guys can see. So here I am with the blanket it is huge. so comfy.


And it’s like I think it’s usually it’s always under 40 so maybe it’s 3937 36 Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs fluctuates their prices based on like how popular something is or the stock is. It is just so good. It reminds me of my Sarah Noni blankets, which are way more expensive. I just literally love it. It is so comfy. So you’re looking for a great gift.

I know a lot of you that follow me on Instagram have already bought these for yourself. for family members. I bought them for my mother-in-law and my mom. So they’re the best. Let me show you guys like I do not have my shelf style yet but I really want to show you guys what I got so far, which is not much but I want to show you anyways, this is not at all done.

And this wasn’t even gonna go here. But I have these beautiful built-in shelves in this house. And I’m just kind of trying to figure out how to style them. I’m literally just ordering stuff and kind of seeing if it works. So the first thing I want to explain to you guys is this little Vanity Fair book. It’s another book I found on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs I just feel like these books are just so beautiful.

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And I might do like another one on top of it. I also am thinking about doing bookends and like doing like just like some of the books that I have in love and just putting them in here. This was actually a little more expensive but I did get it on sale at Pottery Barn. You could use that in your kitchen or wherever I just thought it was so beautiful and it kind of brings together the colors of my house with like the wood tones and like some of The black and the neutral black windows.

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All that jazz. And then up here, this is another piece that I thought was pretty. I don’t know why but I just plan it was really pretty. And it reminds me of like when you go into like a model home and you see like those little sculptures, I thought it was cute. So I think I’m actually going to get like another set of them that’s different and put them up there.

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So they’re kind of like diagonal from each other. This is just some random cuteness that I probably won’t leave here. But I am going to do like a huge family gallery wall over here on this wall right here that basically it’s like a hallway. And this leads up to our stairs. So I’m actually like a huge family gallery that will have pictures. And then up here I have this little Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs vase which is incredible. I love that base. And then I also got the pho Eucalyptus from Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs too.

So I love that little base. It’s very modern and like I said like I have a lot of black in the house so it looks really good. So those are just some random odds and ends on my shelves right now. Okay, this isn’t necessarily home decor, but it’s more like home organization. I have my Nespresso machine right here on my countertop and then I have this drawer and I really wanted something to organize my Nespresso pods in and I got these on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs.

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You can use them for like makeup in your bathroom, I love them in the kitchen like with these pods. I got some bigger ones here back here. So like when I just had mixed ones, then I can just kind of organize them by flavor. And then I have some backup ones right here. So I thought these are really fun. And it’s kind of a pretty way to organize my drawers.

They can be used for so many things like I said that like makeup brushes or just whatever you have. I really thought this was the perfect size for these though, but they also have bigger ones and it came in a set with different sizes so I’ll make sure to link those up for you guys. I just want to open this in the morning. I’m just like, I just like sings hallelujah to me. I don’t know why I just like it. Okay, next I want to show you guys some cute things in our master bathroom.

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I’ll also show them to you guys like sitting on the counter. These are so cute and they were out of stock for the longest time on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs. I ordered them forever ago. It’s like a three-set of three of these little customizable bottles I’m going to use them and our guest’s room. See I have shampoo, conditioner and body wash and they also come in three different colors.

I think they have black I think they have maybe like a rose gold I’m not sure. And these are the little stickers that it came with. So there’s extra ones too whether you want to do like lotion this show handwash I don’t know why but I think they’re seriously adorable. And they remind me of a hotel. I thought that’s what they’ll be so cute in the guest bathroom.

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My bathroom is too so much more to get like a different color like the ones with the black or something. Also on my counter and when master I am obsessed with these little guys I gotta my target. They’re actually pretty big. I have two of them. They’re both different sizes. I have my q tips in this one. How cute is it?

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I love it. I think it’s the opal house brand which I love at Target and then there’s this one that’s a little bit bigger and I just have makeup wipes in there. Cotton balls whenever you have but they’re just so cute on my counter. I literally love them. And then I got this I actually got two of these I have one in my just kind of like the powder bathroom downstairs to the kids and they’re brushing their teeth down there.

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So they have with your toothbrushes and toothpaste and everything in this and this is what for me that I got for my countertop and it’s just so nice. It’s really heavy-duty. It’s from Target it’s so great has like a little anti like scratch skin things in the bottom two, and it’s like really really nice and it just has like three spaces where you can put like all the stuff that you like to use every day that you want out on your counter.

But then you don’t have to have everything out in your counter and then just like has it has a place which I literally love. I have one more little thing. This isn’t the same collection as that little organizer I just showed you. It’s literally just a little black container but the quality is just really good on it. You can do q tips in these cotton balls, whatever I actually put this on Dylan’s side of the bathroom so he could have something to put his stuff in easy to use that.

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I also ordered this set for the guest bathroom on top of the counters. And literally, all four of those are from Target besides these guys are from Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs. So I’ll show them to you guys like on the counters you can super look like here they are here’s my little setup. I actually push this a little bit more into the corner. exclude that a little bit. It doesn’t take up too much room.

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I just love it so cute. And then I want to get like a tiny little tray here. Like a skinnier one that I can put like jewelry and that I’m not wearing that I wear often and then I just take off and put it somewhere like that. Look I’m pretty nice are so so cute. I just love little stuff like this. It makes me so happy and I’m just obsessed with

those little baskets. trying to think of what else I have to share. I think I’m going to show you up in my closet. That’s basically my office. I have two little really like pretty fashion books. I think I’ll show you guys those because I have those on my style on my shelf. So there and then from Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs and there’s just so cute. So I will take you upstairs and show you those walking right along here.Okay, going up the stairs.

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I think I only I only have two organizational things and not organizational decorative things up here and now. But as you see these two little books, and I got them both on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs and I thought they were really cute. I actually found them off of another Website named Shay and she had them, I think she just did a round-up of them like she just like a roundup of Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs decor finds. So that’s how I found them. And they’re just so cute. And they’re really pretty. If you have a little stylish space of your own, I just think they’re so cute. And this is my shelf so far. And a little bit messy, but not too bad.


Those ones still need stuff up top. I just walked down to my closet and realized these are the pink ones from Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs, I required to figure out what to do with these. They’re so pretty, I’d love to put them in the Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs because she loves pink. But I feel like she would just knock over the vase or something. So I might put them upstairs, kind of where I was just showing you guys and get like I think I have an extra one of those bases.

And I put this like on my table in my office up there because they’re really, really pretty. And they’re the same ones as the white ones are just you just choose the pink I think this is two sets of them. They come in a set of three. So it would be like this when you order them on Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs. So I would get I think to kind of fills up the base really nicely if you have a bigger one but if you have a smaller base, you could just do one set.

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Okay, my bedroom is not put together at all. I haven’t even made the bed. But I did have one more fine I wanted to share this is actually a Pottery Barn pillowcase and a Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs insert so I can link those for you guys I showed those to on stories too. I love those inserts are really poofy. These you guys look how pretty these are. I got these at Target. They’re little poofs.

And they’re just so so cute. They match my rug, they match my I have like the black mirror in here, which they match. What’s up. They’re just so, so cute. I love them. They come in multiple colors. And they literally like this match my bedroom perfectly. So I kind of tossed those anywhere I usually put them at the end of the bed or you notice around the room to add some comfort just like a cute little look.

So I just love these guys, I’ll leave them for you. And once again target for the win on the home decor stuff these days. So cute. Okay, that’s everything. It was a quick little article but I just want to show you guys a couple of areas that I feel like I’ve purchased things for and like that are starting to come together and I see their future and their plan but obviously, it’s not all the way there. Sorry, I must be trying to fix this hair situation. Have I had my hair cut in a hot minute so it’s falling so weird?


But anyway, I have not been on the Website as much, and you guys have been messaging me like, hey, haven’t seen your Website articles Hom Furniture Decoration Jobs. I’ve just been so busy. And I’ve been making less of them. But it’s not something I want to continue to do. I want to get into making more of them.

So y’all just have to let me know what you want to see in the comments down below. If you ever like where are you I’m always on Instagram like Instagram is my place? I am there on stories like every single day. But I’m trying to get better about being here on the Website more and y’all are awesome. I appreciate every one of you that read my Website articles. And those of you who have subscribed if you have not subscribed I would love for you guys to subscribe.

I never know how to ask people to subscribe or to get more subscribers. So I guess just subscribe. I never know what to say. Um, but anyway, thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you next time.

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