How to Prepare For UPSC | Beginners Preparation Tips

How to Prepare For UPSC

Hello dear aspirants I’m Junaid Ahamad, IAS AIR-3. CSE 2018 Batch. Now I will explain my experience and my I will share my practical knowledge with you that How to Prepare For UPSC? So now I’ll come to How to Prepare For UPSC exam strategy. Basically, what happens in our college system, normally is the case in June. The graduation gets complete and people start preparing for this exam.

So what I have made is, that I have taken June as the starting point. From June to the next two years. I have made this plan because at least a minimum of two years is required for this exam. So when you come in June, suppose you are starting your preparation mentally and physically.

How to Prepare For UPSC exam without Coaching

So the first thing you have to do is you have to cover your basic NCR T’s. That is very important that will make your base understanding of all the subjects history, polity, social science, and everything. So reading NCR T’s is very important and you have to be very thorough with the NCR T’s don’t just read them to finish do NCR T’s read them to understand them in a very better way.

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It is very important in June. The first thing you should do is start with the NCR T’s some people asked this question 10 meta coaching is required the moment you enter this UPSC preparation. Whether coaching is required or not. I will say that in the starting coaching helps you in putting you in a particular direction because a lot of things are required to study. So what to study and what not to study.

They segregate these things so it helps you but if you are confident that you can do without coaching also it is up to you. Many people have seen years many people have aspirants who helped them in this journey. So it’s up to them how they decide this thing. So from June to September, that is the first period where I’ll focus on the first target NCR T’s.

How to Prepare For UPSC Prelims

As I have already said you need to cover these NCR T’s thoroughly. The second thing is you are optional. You have to select your optional very wisely because ultimately your selection depends on the marks of optional. So when you’re coming after graduation, the main reason behind selecting your alternate should be your interest.

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Many people say that I have a particular subject at graduation, but I’m not comfortable in it. So you should not go for it. If you are very comfortable with your graduation subject go for it. It doesn’t matter what is the trend of that particular subject. How many marks are coming, or how many students are taking that subject.

How to Prepare for UPSC Current Affairs

If you have interest if you think you are confident you can get marks in that subject go for it that interest is the main criteria before selection of your optional. So I’ll say that what I did for my optional selection, I shortlisted a few subjects like geography, history, and political science. I read a few books on these subjects and I realized that geography is the subject that interests me more.

So I took geography as my option your interest should be the main criteria behind your optional selection. So June to September, June, July, August, and September these four months are there in the starting. If you have to start your GIS preparation and optional preparation simultaneously. NCR T’s are covered, you have to start your optional also. You can join any coaching for your optional or if you think you can do self-study, you can start with that.


So in these four months, you should focus on these two things. So this is the first thing that you need to understand in these four months. And also the slavers and previous year’s papers they are very, very important. When you start your preparation focus on these two things. At least for one and one and a half months, you need to analyze the previous year’s papers and slavers. They will give you an idea of what UPSC is asking and what is the demand of UPSC the easier it is for you to understand. The easier it will be for you to clear this exam.