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What is the best way and minimum effort investment time where you can earn lots of money from digital marketing? Their own results in higher conversions for the affiliate but also fewer cancellations since people. Those who successfully managed to build the website have chances to stick to the service. And then the user gets previewed exactly what they will get which creates more trust more confidence. And a willingness to purchase especially with a walkthrough blog post. Where the user is introduced to the whole process of purchasing. A hosting account navigating through the user area taking advantage of all the tools. That Siteground offers and ultimately showing them.

How to build their website? the next one is email despite the rise of social media. Now email still represents quite an effective marketing channel and is often the preferred medium for getting informed by different brands and blogs email. For example, It is a great way to communicate a Siteground promotion to your subscribers’ list. And affiliates usually get really really good results from this in order to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns. You can consider the following the first thing is to segment your subscriber space.

Siteground Plan Strategy

This will allow you to personalize the subject line and say where the email text. And the message to appeal more to a certain segment. Which will result in higher open rates and higher conversions segmentation can be based on various factors. For example, It could be based on where the interests of your audience lay. What is their expertise level are they uh just starting out building a website with minimum effort. Or are they already managing one it could also be based on specific actions? They have undertaken on your website maybe they have downloaded a certain ebook from you.

So on and the other thing that you can consider is to plan your campaigns ahead. If you are writing to inform subscribers a certain Siteground is running. For example, uh black Friday you can plan your campaign to include several emails. You can send one email letting them know that the promotion is starting. And here it is important to create a sense of urgency and then you can send a follow-up email. To let them know that the promotion is soon ending and remind them. So that they need to take any action. If they want to get the advantage of the deal this will certainly increase your chances of converting people over. But the next one is social media and social media is quite diverse there could be a sep alone on social media.

How to promote

Because each platform has its own specifics and promotional opportunities. We have many affiliates as I said who don’t even have a website. And successfully recommend us through Facebook or focus platforms like credits few ideas. Which you could consider for starters the first one is to start your own Facebook group or page. This will allow you to establish a community of people. Who can engage with each other more actively? And also engage with you you would still need to create as much value as possible.

But this group will also allow you to share with your followers. News about interesting style ground features and use every Now and then. If you want to expand beyond your follower base you can promote to others. So there are multiple groups on social media where you could promote your own services or Siteground with minimum effort. This could happen in relevant discussions as long as this does not violate the group’s policy.

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It’s not too spammy and then um again in order to expand the portfolios. Base or reach a more narrowly targeted group of people you can consider running Facebook ads. We have many marketers and bloggers who run their own online courses. And if you have a course on how to start a business or how to do digital marketing. You can consider placing a hosting recommendation inside the course you can also start a course on building a website with minimum effort.

These usually convert really well as well and finally direct recommendations. A huge part of our affiliates is freelance designers developers and agencies who build websites for their clients with a minimum effort and cost. So recommending Sitegrounds comes naturally to them. Because they offer a service that’s supplementary to hosting. In these cases, the developer will usually share the affiliate link directly with their clients. We have also developed specific tools for developers aimed to facilitate their work on our grow big and go geek plans you’re able to build a website with minimum effort.

How to Collaborate

When transferring it over to the client once it is ready and remains as the collaborator to that website. This way you would still have access to the website and you can continue managing it. While the client will take care of the billing the collaboration tool is both useful for the end clients. Who is working with professionals on their website as well as agencies and freelancers working on multiple client sites? All right so now that we have reviewed uh the most popular affiliate channels.

I want to also provide you with some general tips to follow when creating your affiliate content. These aim to help you increase conversions the first one is to boost credibility an important factor. What plays a huge role in better conversions is the sense of the credibility of your recommendations. And there are three ways in which you can boost credibility people trust personal recommendations more than anything else. And are more likely to purchase based on it so make sure to share your personal experience.

Siteground free Hosting Service

If you’re a Siteground client you already know the service well and you can easily highlight what you love about it. If you’re not familiar with the service we offer a one-month free trial to our affiliates. The next one has featured client testimonials you can feature client reviews with a rating system on your website. This is a good way to reinforce Siteground’s popularity with minimum effort and client satisfaction and the third one is to feature authoritative sources.

There are very few providers recommended officially both by and Woocommerce. One of the criteria a host has to meet in order to be recommended is how well optimized. So they are for the best WordPress performance to make your audience aware of this to further reinforce. The reliability of our service also one important thing and this is very much important. So especially in the case, you’re recommending several hosting providers always keep in mind. That the user came to your website looking for a solution to their problem. I often see affiliates with articles where they recommend 10 hosts all of which are apparently great.

Special offer for top Seller

If you fail to differentiate each one of them the user will not be able to click to quickly find a solution. And they might end up looking for a recommendation somewhere else. So uh if you’re finding trouble uh highlighting uh the um top selling points of Siteground. Which um you shouldn’t be but I have prepared. A few to help you out. So the first one is that we offer the best value set of tools. Especially when it comes to WordPress hosting.

We run all our services on a powerful infrastructure google cloud is known for its network speed. And high performance and all Siteground servers are equipped with SSD drives and ultra-fast and two processors. We specialize in managed WordPress hosting our servers are optimized for the best. WordPress performance with the convenience of managing WordPress installs. And we provide a lot of in-house build use for WordPress. Such as the WordPress migrater and the starter. Which I will review um I think it’s the best affiliate marketing platform.

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Siteground provides lots of commission per sale. You can earn thousands of dollars from the Siteground Affiliate program.

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Minimum effort Siteground affiliate payment method
Siteground affiliate payment method

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Siteground Plan

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