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Siteground Affiliate Program review

Siteground Affiliate Program is the biggest affiliate platform. Hello everybody and welcome to our webinar about affiliate marketing. My name is Saddam Hossain and I’m a marketing specialist at Siteground. Herewith I am my colleague Nuri who is our affiliate program manager.

Nuri has prepared a very interesting presentation and lots of tips for you. But before I give the word to her I just wanted to mention that. We record the session and we will send you. The article to the same email that you used to register also. So don’t miss to add your questions in the comment section. Ask a question tab that you can see below the comment box.

So that Nuri can answer your questions and see them, guys thank you all for joining the Siteground Affiliate webinar. Today I’ve been with Siteground for seven years. Now for the last five, I’ve been managing the affiliate program together with a great team of affiliate managers And assistants with whom. I hope that many of you have had the chance to work with and get assistance from I’m going straight to our agenda today.

How to start an Affiliate Program

Because I have a lot of slides prepared for you and I want to make sure that we will also have time for questions. So in the first part of the webinar, I will let you know how to start as a Siteground Affiliate. I will tell you how Siteground affiliate marketing works and why you should consider it. If you haven’t already how to join the affiliate program and start recommending us. And then in the second part, I will give you advice on how to optimize your content. And I’ll also show you how to make the most out of the affiliate tools available in our affiliate area at the end.

As I said we’ll have an answer question session. If even if you don’t manage to ask all your questions today this article will be recorded and available on my website So I also welcome you to ask more questions in the comment section under the blog post. I will make sure to reply. I also want to learn more about you. So it would be great if during the webinar you can share where you’re from your websites and also what are the main challenges that you have as an affiliate.

How to promote Your Siteground Affiliate

I will make sure to review those after the webinar and then maybe we can come up with some other great ideas for future webinars. Okay so let’s begin with what it means to be a Siteground Affiliate and how to start? Now affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to generate Siteground Affiliate revenue by promoting products and services. That you love and recognize for their value. If you’re already a Siteground client this is a great start because you already have experience with the service.

You might even have had several hosting providers. So you know the difference in the service quality and you can compare it there are many different ways in which you can do affiliate marketing. In the case of someone who has let’s say a blog post on the website the Siteground Affiliate, who joins the program will promote their Siteground Affiliate link within the blog post. And also they can share it in the article description below for every click that results in a hosting sale the affiliate will get a commission.

If you have a website and your website doesn’t necessarily have to be technology-oriented. If you block uh for example for something that’s your passion. And something that you’re an expert in you can still successfully recommend Siteground. And generate an attractive Siteground Affiliate commission every month and we have great examples from travel food mommy bloggers and you name it. There are even affiliates who don’t have a website at all and still successfully recommend it.

Service and Experience of Siteground Affiliate

They would use social media um and platforms like credits or even Pinterest to promote Siteground blog content is becoming more and more popular and easy to do. So that’s another medium to consider and I will dig into each channel later on. As we go now a little bit about our affiliate program we started it uh 14 years ago.

Because it represented a natural way for us to encourage our clients and our partners. Who have always been Siteground biggest fans to recommend us and make it easier for them. To earn affiliate revenue our platform is entirely in-house built like most of the hosting tools which we develop for our clients.

Because this gives us more flexibility and generally it makes it easier to manage. Today we have 65 000 active affiliates in our pro program. And an interesting fact is that our affiliates come from 176 different countries. So it doesn’t matter where you or your audience is located in order for you to recommend Sitegrounds. Our services operate on data centers located in six different countries across four continents. And we have prices in four different currencies. We also offer support in three languages.

How much Income from Siteground Affiliate

So all of these allow you to recommend Siteground to people from different countries and even target multiple markets. If you want to our commission structure is tier-based. So the more sales you generate during the month higher. We pay commission per sale which means that if for example, you generated 11 sales during September each one will be worth a hundred dollars in commission. If you can bring over 21 sales per month we will analyze your performance and could offer you custom commission terms.

If you are not a Siteground affiliate yet we have a very very easy signup process I’ve recorded a few I’ve pre-recorded a few blog posts because I want to show you. How the signup and the affiliate tools work you might need to turn up the volume a little bit for these. Now let’s see how the up process works. If you’re a Siteground client you can sign up directly from the client area navigate to the referral section and then become an affiliate partner.


So guys this is not possible to cover a complete article within one single blog post. Because in this case, some technical issues have arrived in this article. So guys don’t worry next part of this article is available. So I request to you please read the next part of this article. Because without proper information you can’t go ahead.

So, guys, I hope you enjoyed this article and try to understand. How to become a Siteground Affiliate marketer. Siteground is the best affiliate program for earning money. Here is the most secret formula for becoming an affiliate marketer. Guys take care of yourself and your family and also focus on your career and the digital marketing platform is the best platform at this moment because everything is growing up and there is low competition.

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