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Siteground Affiliate Program

Siteground Affiliate Program is the world’s most powerful and reliable hosting affiliate platform. So Siteground Affiliate Programalways provides a better technical assistant, better service and you can easily communicate with the Siteground associate with live chat and recommend this what’s your um experience so far and we will make sure to get in touch with you.

Question. NO.1

Hey, I’m From Mexico, I haven’t been there hoping that I will be able to visit Mexico someday. My question is if we could be doing better by reselling hosting to new clients instead of just sending them uh as new clients to Siteground?


Okay, that’s a good one and it all depends on your um on your business model. So if you would assume that you’re asking this. Because you’re developing websites for clients. So depending on whether you’re simply um creating the website for the clients. And then the client takes over and they start managing everything. They handle the hosting then, in this case, the Siteground Affiliate Program obviously is the best fit. However, if you’re also providing maintenance services to your clients. Maybe your clients are not technically savvy they don’t want to handle the hosting in this case you can create a packaged service. Where you would provide website building services, maintenance services, and host to your clients.

Obviously here you would go with the reseller program. And in the case uh you have in case you have a mix a little bit of both clients. Then you could be uh you could be both a reseller and an affiliate. It would be a bit of a little bit of a hassle for you to manage. But I think that we make both the reselling and the Siteground Affiliate Program as easy as possible okay can we run google ads for uh comparative keywords like Siteground versus Bluehost and keywords like Siteground review. Unfortunately, you cannot do this um oh ads that are contained. But the Siteground trademark is forbidden.

Question No.2

Hi, I’m from the Bahamas. My question is what percentage I will earn in one CEO?


Siteground Affiliate Program does not offer his commission is not percentage-based. It is an um tier-based structure. So the more sales you generate per month the higher the commission and the commission is set it starts from 50 or um 40 euros. And can reach to um I won’t say how much it depends. Any integrations possible with uh with final twos. Oh, I’m sorry the question disappeared any integration is possible with final tools. Like click funnels um we haven’t considered it yet uh it’s not on our roadmap. But uh we will definitely consider it how can we track.

Question No.3

If someone has done any transactions from my Siteground Affiliate Program?


Okay, so there are two ways that you can do this when you log into your Siteground Affiliate Program area. As I said there is a section on reporting and there you will be able to review all your Siteground Affiliate Program sales. As they come you will be able to see which campaign link generated it and so on. If you, for example, are missing. Some of your cells as I showed you can use our missing sales tool and this way. If someone forgot to use your affiliate link you can track the sale over there. And the two can automatically credit it to you. do you share coupon codes for the Siteground Affiliate Program?

We do not we don’t have a coupon system. At all for now at least what you can promote um to your audience. The standard promotional discount uh which depends um on the currency can you. Help me build a website for free. I see that this one has been answered.

Question No.4

I have a non-profit website and I would like to know if I can join Siteground affiliate program marketing?


Yes, you can certainly uh join the program. As I said uh since you specialize in non-profits then. Maybe you can create an article that shows other people who are also looking to start such a website. On how to do it with Siteground Affiliate Program.

Question No.5

When we will get an affiliate Spanish link for the USA I think that you’re referring to the Latin American markets and you can create a Siteground affiliate program link?


Unfortunately uh it hasn’t been um developed yet to be um included to be featured in our um affiliate area. I think it will be available pretty soon but um if you go to This is our website for Latin American markets. The website is in Spanish and they uh see the currency in dollars and uh if you want to send the users to a specific page. Then simply uh add your Siteground Affiliate Program code to that page. And we will be able to track your sales and credited credit to your affiliate account.


We do not have uh any time left. I would suggest that you um that you post them after uh after the webinar. Thanks, everyone that was a very very informative and useful article, and thanks to everybody for attending our webinar. I wanted to mention that you’ll be able to watch a replay here in in crowdcast just a few minutes. In a few minutes um also tomorrow we will send you. The write of the whole session to the same email that you used to register for it. We will upload the blog as ray I mentioned to my website. Where you can add any additional questions you have as comments. Yeah and we really hope that you liked it. We hope to see you at our next one thanks again everybody enjoys the rest of your day bye.

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