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Top University in USA

Top Most 20 universities in the USA for international students in 2022. In 2018, US universities admitted 1,094,792 international students a select number of university students in the USA for Higher Study. And made a larger number of these international students. If you’re wondering which universities in the US are most receptive to foreign students, this article is for you. In today’s article, we count down to the top 20 universities in the USA for international students in 2022.

Top University in USA List

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20. Cornell University


Location:– Ithaca, New YorkNew York City and Doha, Qatar, USA

Established Year:-The university was founded in 1865

Rank:-The university ranks as the 9th best university in the US

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fees at the university cost $57,222.19.

Brief Info:-This prestigious Ivy League university in Ithaca, New York enrolled over 7200 international students in 2018. The university was founded in 1865 and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 15,182 students. The university ranks as the 9th best university in the US. Cornell is also known for its top-ranked colleges, the trainer medicine, and the highly esteemed School of Hotel Administration.

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19. The Ohio State University


Location:-Columbus, Ohio,USA

Established Year:-University was established in 1870

Rank:-The institution ranks 70 among the best universities in the world on Times Higher Education list

Tuition Fee:– The tuition fees here are in the range of $29,000.

Brief Info:-The Ohio State University is the Top University in USA Ohio State University was established in 1870. Universities in USA Agricultural and Mechanical College. Agricultural and Mechanical College, more than 50,000 students study across 15 colleges at its main area 1900 acre campus. So the institution is also renowned for hosting international students. Also Enrolling over 8000 international students in the 2018 academic season.

18. University of California, Davis


Location:-Located in the city of Davis in Northern California’s Yolo County, USA

Established Year:-Davis’s Graduate Division was established in 1961

Rank:-The university ranks as the 55th top university in the world

Tuition Fee:-Tuition of $42,433.

Brief Info:-The University of California Davis, part of the University of California system is located in the city of Davis in Northern California’s Yolo County. So UC Davis offers around 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to approximately 35,000 students.

The student or staff ratio at the university is 18:1. It is organized into four main colleges. All freshmen are guaranteed to house and after the first year, students typically move off campus or live in University Apartments.

17. University of California, Irvine


Location:-Irvine, CA 92697, United States

Established Year:- Irvine was establish in 1965 and is part of the University of California

Ranked:-The 14th best public university in California

Tuition Fee:- International students’ tuition fees $41,752

Brief Info:- So University of California Irvine was establish in 1965. Also which comprises 10 institutions. Universities in USA UC Irvine is the only research university in Orange County. So that’s in the Association of American Universities. Also you offer 192-degree programs the university attracts a total of over 30,000 students. Also there were 8064 international students enrol in the institution in 2018, and 2019 sessions making it.

16. Carnegie Mellon University


Location:-It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Established Year:-Carnegie Mellon University Founded on 1900

Rank:-The institution is also highly ranked globally taking the 27 spots on the Times Higher Education ranking

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee is $53,910.

Brief Info:- So It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University CMU is a private global research university. Also it is one of just 25 universities to be admitted to the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum. top university in USA library.

So the university lays claim to many examples of groundbreaking inventions and pioneering research into brain science data startups and driverless cars amongst others. The institution is also highly ranked globally taking the 27 spots on the Times Higher Education ranking for 2022. Also international students makeup 22% of the total enrolled students for the 2018 2019 session tuition fee is $53,910.

15. University of Michigan-Top University in USA


Location:-500 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, United States

Established Year:-26 August 1817

Rank:-Ranked 21st Best globally

Tuition Fee:-Tuition Fee is $49,000

Brief Info:- So Ann Arbour the University of Michigan Ann Arbour is extremely popular with international students enrolling over 8700 international students in 2018. At least 50(Fifty) countries are represented on the University’s campus with Chinese nationals being the most represented the university is ranked 21st Best globally

14. University of Washington


Location:-Seattle, ‎Washington‎, USA

Established Year:-4 November 1861

Rank:-It is ranked 26th in the world

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee is $34,791.

Brief Info:- So The Top University of Washington. Also the next University on our list is the University of Washington. Which in 2018 enrolled 9311 international students. So the University is one of the largest and most prestigious higher education institutions on the West Coast of the US. Also It has a highly respected medical school offering training in dentistry, medicine, and public health serving medical centers across the Pacific Northwest of Alaska.

13. The Pennsylvania State University University-Top University in USA


Location:- The Farmers’ High School of Pennsylvania, Penn State, USA

Established Year:-Founded in 1855

Rank:-University Park is ranked 63th in National Universities

Tuition Fee:- Tuition fee is $33,664.

Brief Info:-So Pennsylvania State University is one of the Public Ivies a publicly funded institution. Also that is thought to provide a standard of education comparable to that offered by the elite Ivy League It is also one of the largest universities in the US. Now the university welcomes international students enrolling 9396 in 2018.

12. The University of Texas at Dallas


Location:-Richardson, Texas, USA

Established Year:-Founded in 1969, the University of Texas at Dalla

Rank:-According to In 2019, U.S. News and World Report in Best Colleges ranked UTD at 129th nationally & 61st among public universities.

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee for state students is $25,656

Brief Info:- So the University of Texas at Dallas has evolved into one of the top research institutions in Texas. And also its programs in engineering in the biomedical sciences have gained national attention.

So the University has a student-faculty ratio of 23:1. The university ranked best in the world among universities. In their 50 years international students make up a large chunk of the student population and 9400 in 2018.

11.University of California, Berkeley


Location:-Land-grant university in Berkeley, California, USA

Established Year:-Established in 1868 as the University of California

Rank:-Globally, for season 2020–21 Berkeley is ranked 4th by U.S. News & World Report, 5th by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), and 7th by Times Higher Education World University Rankings, & 30th in the QS World University Rankings.

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee here is $42,184.

Brief Info:- So University of California Berkeley, with international student enrollment at the almost 12,000 University of California. Also Berkeley has set its sights on the international students market. So Boston University The university is ranked as the thirteen best university in the world and is one of the most prestigious state universities in the US

10.Boston University


Location:-Boston, United States

Established Year:- The University found in 1839

Rank:-Boston University is rank 42th in National Universities. Also Boston University is the 61st best university in the world and offers excellent academic and social education.

Tuition Fee:-Annually Expenses 58,072 USD

Brief Info:- Not only that the University is one of the most diverse in the US welcoming students from over 130 countries. So College student, It has around 10,000 faculty and staff 17 schools and colleges. And 250 fields of study located across two campuses and numerous international programs. Also with facilities concentrated mainly on its impressive Charles River Campus.

09.University of California San Diego-Top University in USA


Location:-La Jolla, CA 92093, United States

Established Year:-18 November 1960

Rank:-Ranked 31st globally

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee of $42,032.

Brief Info:– So The University of California San Diego, popularly known by its abbreviated form. UCSD is among the US public ivy colleges. Also Whose objective is to provide students with the same quality of education. As can found in ivy League’s private colleges. So the University School of Medicine and engineering.

08.Purdue University-West Lafayette


Location:- West Lafayette, Indiana‎, USA

Established Year:-The university found in 1869

Rank:-In 2021, U.S. News & World Report ranked Purdue University the 5th most innovative national university.

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee at the prestigious university is $28,794.

Brief Info:- So Purdue University has a large international students population who make up 22% of enrollments in 2018. Also the university’s engineering programme is one of the most reputed and competitive in the US. Also 23 Purdue alumni have become astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon and Eugene Chernin.

07.University of California, Los Angeles


Location:-Los Angeles, California,USA

Established Year:-23 May 1919, Los Angeles, California, USA

Rank:-17th top university in the world

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee of $41,275

Brief Info:- So Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA offers opportunities for inquiry, discovery and education. Also Undergraduate research projects are available as early as freshman year. And more than half of UCLA students graduate with research experience in humanities, social sciences or STEM science, technology, engineering and math disciplines.

06.Arizona State University


Location:-Tempe, AZ, USA

Established Year:-Founded in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature

Rank:-Arizona State University ranks No. 62 for best university in the U.S., according to the QS World University Rankings

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee is $27,372

Brief Info:-So Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona State University is a comprehensive research university. And one of the largest public universities in the United States with more than 80,000 students. So the university rated as the most innovative in 2016. Also currently has two Nobel laureates amongst his teaching staff. Also 21% of students at the University are from abroad.

05.University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Location:-Champaign, IL, USA

Established Year:-The University of Illinois found in 1867

Rank:-Urbana-Champaign rank 47th in National Universities according to usnews

Tuition Fee:- Tuition fee is $34,719

Brief Info:-So Urbana Champaign, University of Illinois is made up of 17 colleges offering about 150 different study programmes. Also the University is one of the original 37(thirty seven) public land grant institutions. That were found when Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act in 1862. So the university is rank as the 48 best university in the world. Also 13,497 international students were enrol into the university in 2018, making them 24% of the total student population.

04.Columbia University


Location:-Upper Manhattan, New York City, USA

Established Year:-Established in 1754

Rank:-In 2021, Columbia ranked 7th in the world and 6th in USA

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee is $51,640.

Brief Info:-So Columbia is the oldest university in the state of New York and one of the oldest in the US. Also the university founded in 1754. Also By King George the second of England, Columbia University’s business school, teachers college, Law School and College of Physicians and Surgeons are some of the most renowned in the world. So the university holds an enviable 16 spot on the Times Higher Education rankings. Also 15,897 international students admitted to study in the 2018 2019 session.

03.Northeastern University


Location:-Boston,  ‎Massachusetts‎,USA

Established Year:-Founded in 1898

Rank:- In 2021 U.S. News & World Report ranked Northeastern 49th in its annual ranking of national universities

Tuition Fee:-Tuition fee at the university is $49,497

Brief Info:- So North Eastern University Boston with international students making up almost 35% of the student population. Also Northeastern University Boston is a top destination for most international students. Not only that Northeastern University describes itself as a Global Experiential research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world.

02.University of Southern California


Location:- Los Angeles,USA

Established Year:-Founded in 1880 

Rank:-University of Southern California ranked 27th in National Universities.

Tuition Fee:-Tuition Fee per Year is 60,275 USD

Brief Info:- University of Southern California is top university in usa. So the University of South in California open for business in Los Angeles in 1880. Although it initially welcomed only 53 students, USC has since grown into an internationally renowned University and the largest private sector employer in its city. Also the University is the second top destination for international students enrolling over 16,000 students in the 2018 2019 session.

01.New York University


Location:-New York City, USA

Established Year:- 21th April 1831

Rank:-Nationally, NYU ranked 19th in the Center for World University Rankings

Tuition Fee:- tuition fee is at $50,464

Brief Info:- New York University is top university in usa. Also to the top destination for international students in 2020. So New York University NYU is No. one biggest private higher education institutes in the United States(USA). However it is highly regard among American institutions. So After almost two centuries of development based petition became an academic centre. Also that aims to set trends in global research and nurture talents from all around the globe. It grants a significant amounts of students in financial aid annually in addition to generous funding for research.


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