What are the benefits of NCC entry scheme in NDA?

What are the benefits of NCC entry scheme in NDA?

What are the benefits of NCC entry scheme in NDA? Moving on there is one more entry called NCC and jag. First, let me talk about NCC. NCC entry till 8 or 25 You can try. And hear NCC certificate if you have C certificate and in C certificate if you have a grade that is A great or B grade you are eligible for direct entry.

Okay, you are eligible for direct entry and this will be a permanent condition. The best thing a candidate can do while doing a degree he can pursue NCC and through this NCC they can try for this entry.

Next, at age of less than 27, You can try for an entry called a Jag entry. This is called jag entry. What the candidate does is personal law. Okay, these are all officer kinds of entry after this whenever you get in a Call letter you will be called for an interview that is called an SSB Interview.

Why Should you Join NCC

Why should you join NCC? Before applying for NCC you should know about the general things about NCC. NCC is the successor of U O TC which is the University Officers Training Corps. Which was skated by the British government in 1942.

This was at the time of World War Two during the Indo-Pak war 1965 and the Bangladeshi Pakistan war 1971. NCC was the second line of defense number two of NCC is unity and discipline and

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The aim of NCC

It is to create disciplined and responsible citizens of India the full form of NCC is the National Cadet Corps. NCC organizes a combined annual training camp every year, which is also known as CITC. Camp in this camp.

Candidates are drawn into a routine also in this camp. Also, you get an opportunity to fire with wanting to go to war II for it. You don’t get it in civil life, every one of you heard about RTC coming right to Delhi every year in the month of January.

RTC is Republic Day Camp, our NCC group headquarters year organizer inter battalion competition of Republic Day Camp for the selection of eligible candidates for Republic Day Camp. If you are dedicated, for instance, to training you can also be a part of it.

Believe me, if you get an opportunity to participate in this camp, your entire way of thinking and the entire programming of your brain is changed. Yes, it will completely change because there you get the opportunity to interact with six to seven commanding officers. With the ranks colonel, Colonel, Wing Commander, or group commander, these officers groomed you by taking your interview taking your group discussion tests. You’re gonna test also your psychological test by taking these tests to introduce you to your shortcomings and your strengths.

Opportunity For NCC Candidate

What are the benefits of NCC entry scheme in NDA? You are prepared for any kind of interview in NCC training. Because there is not any other interview process that is difficult. Then, the Indian army service selection center interview process the five dates. SSB Interview process to select the officers to find in the army is the first interview process in India among all UPSC exams.

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And you are prepared for that level despite the scam there are also other opportunities for you. Like I’m attachment camp OTA attachment camp, Army attachment camp, national integration camp equality switch to harlot camp, and many more. Which grooms you if you want to join uniform forces. Like in an army in the Navy in the Air Force, CFF Civ F or state police, or many more others.

Then NCC is for you. Also if you want to join Indian civil services then NCC is also beneficial to you to create or develop officer-like qualities inside you. If you want success in your life. You have to get sacrificed your personal comfort. And if you don’t want to sacrifice your personal comfort. Then NCC is not for you.

Technical Brand Commission(TGC)

TGC or Technical Brand Commission I have told you that I have divided this into two parts that is one is education and one is engineering as I told you. They will be short Service Commission also. But yeah, the same inserting boys and girls mechanical civil electrical like that they are eligible.

Exam Syllabus

For technical grand commission permanent commission i.e most of the questions are technical. But sometimes they ask GK questions. Smooth those are clearing the gate exams and all okay definitely it adds value to you when you crack these exams. One thing that is very important is that you need to be good at English and you need to be really smart in answering their questions.

The age limit is between age 21 to 27

Exam Schedule

This will be done twice a year. But you have to keep in mind now when to apply, how to apply for this? If you have a doubt you can just comment below. We will be in touch with you.

Territorial Army

The Territorial Army is a golden opportunity for the candidate those are exhausted all the opportunities through NDA to 10+2. And all the other NCC CDs SSC TGC, have one more chance left. They have one more fight left with them and that is an opportunity given by the Indian army that is called as Territorial Army.

Also, this can be tried from the age of 18 to 42. But here you have one more challenge that is in the month of June the notification will be out in the month of July. They will be having an examination when Hartman’s results are in particular and you will be called for an SSB Interview.

SSB interviews will be one and the same for every entry. So this is one more opportunity for the candidate who wants to serve the nation even if you miss so many chances.


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