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Hey guys, welcome to Affiliate Marketing Jobs. This is not my studio yet. But today, we’re going to talk about jobs that You Can Do It from home and make money from home. I’ve recently made this article like three or four weeks ago. I released a similar article. I got a lot of ping from your friends, a lot of people thanking me, and something happened in the past few weeks.

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So basically, I’ve been ordering a lot of stuff for my house. And I ordered some posters, and posters designed by some artists. They’re like beginner artists. They cost me over $100 each. And this is just a printed piece of paper. And I was like, Oh, my God, and I decided that I need to research more jobs that you guys can do from home. Because you know, there are so many opportunities out there. Of course, if you’re starting, you need to work on your portfolio. You need to master your skill.

But the before you start, the more money you’ll be making in six months and nine months in a year. And I want to provide value with this article. I want you to write things down to think about what You Can Do It after you nine to six, what You Can Do It on weekends to convert your hobby or something you’re passionate about in a side business. Or maybe it will be your primary activity in a couple of months or a couple of years.

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So if you’re interested, continue reading this article up to the very end. But before we start this, hit the like button, subscribe to this channel. If you’re interested in starting a business and starting a side hustle, job number one can create designs for print on demand. The thing is, there are so many platforms out there like Teespring merch by Amazon redbubble. This is a platform where I, as a creator, for example, I come there, and I say, Hey, I’m looking for a T-shirt that I can sell to my followers. And I want something about Silicon Valley on this T-shirt. And I can just either place an order or scroll through the designs that they have. Once I find the design, and outside artists normally create these designs.

So if you’re that designer who’s like, Oh, I want to create a Silicon Valley, you know image or something, you created this design, I select your design, and I put it on my T-shirt. So Teespring, for example, takes care of everything else. They take care of T-shirts, delivery, etc. Your job is only to submit a design to them. So when I choose your design and put it on my T-shirt, you make money. And this doesn’t just apply to T-shirts, it applies to posters that apply to, you know, different things that You Can Do It like this one we did a custom for linguae trip. But again, your job is to do what you love, create a design, and then the platform will take care of the rest.

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Other platforms like Etsy are also one of the best platforms where you sell things that you make yourself again. For example, if you’re creating designs for posters, I think it is crazy like the markup. I’m just thinking of how much it costs. One of the posters is shipping from Turkey. And I’m just thinking like, how much does it cost to bring something on? Yeah, it’s a huge piece of paper and their shipping. But still, like, I know that in Russia, it will cost me like $10, something like that $20, but I paid over 100. So the markup is huge. Yes You Can Do It, you need to create a design.

Yes, you need to print it. But once you created this design, you keep producing copies and keep making money. So take a look at those platforms. The next thing that You Can Do It is to start an e-commerce business, which might sound scary at first, but I’m going to explain to you how it works in one day if you don’t have a production site at home, which you probably don’t quick thing that I did with my company, we found a supplier on, who creates those cases for iPhones, we send them our design, they produce those cases for our high quality, great, you know, great price.

They send everything to us. And then we redistributed cases through our platforms through other platforms here in the US like Amazon, etc. This was great because we don’t have our production. And there are certain features on that You Can Do It as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

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So first of all, what I liked is that they have rankings for every single category. Every month, they would select the top 10 products for categories like electronics, fashion, etc. For example, if you have a passion for fashion, but you don’t want to be stuck with a product that doesn’t sell, you go to, and you check what’s trending in fashion right now. You’re like, Oh my god, maternity clothes are trending or whatever is trending. This is what I need to double down on. The second step.

You’re like, Okay, I know You Can Do It which product I want to create. The second step is to find a good supplier. So features a lot of great suppliers who are verified. And normally, the way it works is that they send you a sample. You’re like, okay, that’s great. And if you like the sample, you order more items. And this way, You Can Do It either order something ready and just put your brand Donate, like, name it the way you want. Or You Can Do It customize it as we did. We took their case as the color but center on design, which isn’t a design. It’s just our logo and the name of the company. But this is the way it works with And the third thing that I like about, it is very cost-effective.

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This cost us one piece cost maybe 10 cents, and we were distributing them for I think it was like five or $6. So it’s cost-effective, good quality, and you don’t have to have your production site. So check out for all of those features. The link will be below. The next job that You Can Do It from home is recording audiobooks. The thing is, I’m an author myself. I have two books in Russian. And both of them started as a printed book.

But then I had to wait for a couple of months for my publisher to order an audiobook from someone, and that someone is a freelancer who’s sitting at home, You Can Do It have like basic equipment. I think this mic is good enough. I think it was around $140 when I got it a couple of years ago, but You Can Do It find a used version even cheaper. This is a Blue Yeti mic. Yes, it would help if you had some equipment on your computer. And yes, you need excellent English, the book is in English, and he needs some acting skill, like recording a nonfiction book, you don’t need more people, You Can Do It.


You Can Do It. You need some acting in terms of like, and he said, and then something else like just acting with your voice, which again, it takes practice. But You Can Do It learn that it’s not a skill that takes like five years at a university to master. This is something You Can Do It from home. And there are over 1 million books that are published in the US every year.

You Can Do It And not every single of them gets an audiobook. Because if there is a big publisher, if this book becomes the best seller, yes, the publisher will order this audio version. But if it’s a private author who doesn’t have a publisher, and there are so many self-published people right now.

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