Youtube Keyword Research Secret 2022| Rank #1

hello guys! you’re trying to figure out how to Youtube Keyword Research? Well, in this article, I’m going to explain you step by step exactly Youtube Keyword Research method. So you can get more views, boost your subscribers and grow a highly profitable YouTube channel. Now my name is Saddam Hossain, and we’re gonna jump right into today’s content.

Youtube Keyword Research Formula

All right, so when it comes to Youtube Keyword Research secret. You got to understand who you want to help, and what issues they’re having, like, what questions they’re already asking. And so I’m going to share with you some you can get more views, boost your subscribers and grow a highly profitable YouTube channel strategies. That’s going to help you be able to create more powerful content.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead. And we’re going to type in a couple of different. You know, sub niches. And then this is going to help you grasp the concept of what I’m about to share with you.

Youtube Keyword Research in Google Keyword Planner

Youtube Keyword Research

Also I’m gonna go ahead and start with intermittent fasting as my first thing. Okay, so as I type in intermittent fasting, we can see we got a whole bunch of auto suggestions. So we got intermittent fasting weight loss. We have before and after meal plan results. So now the ones at the top are going to be the most popular ones. As we actually continue to go throughout the bottom of these. These are going to be a lot less popular.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be creating content on these. These are just letting you know, okay, this is what YouTube sees that people actually search for it right. So what we can also do is we can expand this even more by typing . So now we can see even more keywords, intermittent fasting for beginners, in a minute fasting for women, for weight loss for women over 50. Now we’re getting more specific, right, this is going to get us in front of the right target market.

Wildcards Search Strategy

Now, if I take away the four, and I do too. Now it’s intermittent fasting to lose weight, to lose belly fat to build muscle to get shredded to lower blood pressure, right. So this is how you really start to laser in so you can pull in the right type of people that you’re looking for. Right, so let’s take away the two. And what we’re about to do now is another strategy, which is called the wildcards strategy.

So what you do is you put a star so what this star is doing this. This is letting YouTube know there’s an actual space in between there’s a break it. So now what we wanted to do, we want to leverage what we call the alphabet strategy. Right.

So now we’re going to put in A all the way to Z, and it’s going to pull up even more keywords. So you can see now instead of what we had now you can see it says intermittent fasting. And working out intermittent fasting and exercise and building muscle and muscle gain, and so on.

And if I take away the A and put a B, now we can see everything after in a minute fasting that has A B. Well, that starts with A B. Now we can leverage the same strategy. But on the front side now. So basically now what it’s going to do is it’s going to have everything from A to Z that starts with those letters. And it’s all going to be in front of intermittent fasting.


Let me show you exactly how it looks. So if I put in a knot right here, but I got to put the a in front of the star. Alright, so a week of intermittent fasting a month of intermittent fasting. Now if I come over here and I put A B, then we’re going to see everything that starts with A B. That’s in front of intermittent fasting right.

So these are different ways so you can start to pull these hidden keywords. Especially if you’re actually a smaller YouTuber like myself, right. Now what you can also do is you can do what we call the middle. Okay, I just call it the middle because this was something I was experimenting with. Also I can pull up even more keywords.

So let’s say for instance, I do grow and then I do the same wildcards that I did before when I had the actual keyword. Now what I’m doing is I’m doing something in the middle. If I say grow business and then I put an A in between the grow business watch what happens. So now grow at business model how to grow a small business on Instagram.

How to grow an Instagram business account. Right so these are ones that you typically wouldn’t see if you were just doing the basic Youtube Keyword Research now let’s get even more creative.

Let’s go with A B grow business on Instagram. Grow business on tiktok ,grow business on Facebook, grow business tips. So let’s try a C How to Grow clothing business. How to grow clothing business on Instagram, how to grow a cafe business. Now I’m gonna try something else right. So if I put in YouTube right here, grow YouTube channel.

How to Grow Your Youtube Channel?

Alright, so I’m gonna do the same exact thing. So I’m gonna put an a how to grow a gaming YouTube channel. How to grow our YouTube channel. How to grow a new YouTube channel. And if we go even further How to Grow beauty YouTube channel. Best way to grow a YouTube channel.

So now I’m going to share with you another strategy. So with this one, we’re going to actually go over to Google and what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a glossary method. Alright, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to type in our niche. Let’s just say that we’re going to type in real estate, right? Well, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put glossary at the end of that, right? So because we want to be able to pull in those targeted people that are searching for this stuff in those niches. So what we do is

How to Choose Your Niche

We do real estate glossary or whatever your niche is glossary. Also you can start to pull some of the words that people know within that niche. So this is what I’m talking about. So if I click on the real estate glossary method, I don’t think I like that one hold up, let me go up and find another one. All right, so the ultimate real estate glossary. So hopefully it pulls what I’m looking for, you might have to search around a little bit to kind of find this. But alright, so here we go. So abandonment, absorption fill abstract abstract of title. What I would do is I would take this keyword and I will come over here and I will put it into YouTube to see if I can get something to pull up.

So boom, an abstract of title real estate. So now I want to see okay, what are people talking about in regards to this topic. And if I’m a real estate expert, I’m already going to know what this actually is. And so I can now educate people on this specific keyword. So you see how he was literally able to go to Google and then use the glossary method. And start to put some of these keywords in that are based around that specific niche, the same thing you could do in any niche right. So I’m gonna go ahead and type in affiliate marketing glossary.


Alright, so affiliate market, make sure I can spell today. So now if I go right here, and I click the ultimate glossary for affiliate marketers, then if I go down ad network. So if I wanted to, I could literally go over here, copy this. And then come back over to YouTube and paste this in here and check this out ad network for Blogger ad network versus Ad Exchange ad network for website. So you see how powerful that is like there’s literally no way for you to ever run out of video ideas to continue to attract your target market.

I just wanted to share with you some strategies you can leverage to continuously grow your YouTube channel. Hopefully you got some value from this post and if you did, go ahead and give me a thumbs up also drop me a comment down below letting me know any additional questions that you have about Youtube Keyword Research. And if you want to learn a super cool strategy you could use to rank your videos Number One On The First Page Of Youtube. Go ahead and read this article next, and it’s going to teach you exactly how to do that until next time. I look forward to seeing you in the next article. Peace

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